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Tamarind Square

Persiaran Multimedia


Floor Ground sqft RM4.80 /sqft
Bare Unit. Ground floor ranges from RM3.90-4.80 psf
Floor 1 sqft RM2.60 /sqft
Bare Unit
Floor 2 sqft RM2.50 /sqft
Bare Unit


Floors N/A
Net Lettable Area (sqft) N/A
Building Class N/A
Closest Public Transportation N/A
Internet Providers N/A


Tamarind Square evokes memories of a way of life that has long been relegated to the history books. Life today, revolves around high-rise office towers and malls of all shapes and sizes that disconnect, rather than connect people.

The creators of Tamarind Square have taken a bold and creative step to bring families, friends, neighbours and the community together. It is an insight that comes from an understanding that we are by nature, communal creatures and lovers of the great outdoors.

Tamarind Square is the reinvention of the traditional Malaysian shop-office, the modern-day mall, and the Asian village square. The result: A unique retail and office development that’s set within a green oasis, that beautifully marries the best features of the past and the present – a place that naturally draws the community together.

Tujuan Gemilang’s core principles of using simple local materials, and working with nature to create a bold development that defies the norm, can be seen in every aspect of the project.

The Garden Shop-Offices surround two gardens that form the figure 8. The gardens consist of the North and South Court and are the heart and soul of Tamarind Square. A place for the community to come together and partake in leisure pastimes or just sit with nature for a while, as trees will be planted not only on the ground level of the courtyard but also on the upper levels, to form cascading “hanging gardens”. The Centre Court however, has been designed to be an indoor space for flea markets, performances and sports activities.

In addition, Tamarind Square also offers Semi-D Shop-Offices on the periphery of the Garden Shop-Offices. The design flows with the overall idea of green spaces and connectivity, with features that are both unique and wonderful.

Tamarind Square is designed to overcome the problems of traditional shop-office developments and bring in all the benefits of a shopping mall.