What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices – are also commonly referred to as executive centres or managed offices – are most commonly found in the heart of central business districts all around the world. A serviced office is an office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by an independent management company, which then leases its individual office space to external companies. Serviced offices are fully operational and have a large selling factor as they’re ready for immediate tenancy. Normally, a serviced office operation is configured to allow for a range of office sizes, ranging from on average one to ten people. One large benefit, is the fact that a number of adjoining offices can be compiled in order to cater for the rapid growth of a start-up company.

Serviced offices cater perfectly for small start-ups, or smaller companies which intend to save on time and overheads – the benefit of a serviced office includes such factors as :-

Flexible work space demands as well as the ability to have a prestigious address & location generally boasting prime business locations in city centres. Coupled with stylishly designed offices close to major transportation hubs, serviced offices allow your business card to be linked to prime office space in the heart of the city centre
Ease of fewer bills, normally only one per month – As with Serviced Offices there is no need for insurance, maintenance or utility charges as opposed to the multiple bills you receive in a regular office tenancy
Fully furnished office spaces, as opposed to traditional office space which requires outfitting from tenant. On the whole serviced offices generally provide all the essentials and services needed for a high end business
Customer Service Team Included – Which includes both a complimentary receptionist and secretarial service as well as IT support, cleaning and all round building maintenence. Saving time and money in terms of having to employ external staff. Instead sit back and work, as the full time customer service team wait on all your business needs
Tenurial Flexibility – Allowing you to be guaranteed an office for as little, or as long as is required. No lengthy rental periods but instead, month by month payments for a year, then annual renewal if need be. This works brilliantly for small companies who are not completely sure about the path and development of their company. A month by month rental allows for flexibility in terms of the growth or reduction of a company as opposed to a normal office tenancy in which you’re locked in with the same floor space for many years.

Serviced Offices in KL

As Kuala Lumpur continues to develop, we see that serviced offices are becoming a more prominent feature. Herewith is a list of areas in which Serviced Offices are present within the Klang Valley.

KL Golden Triangle (KLCC)
KL Sentral
Petaling Jaya
Mont Kiara
Bandar Utama
Damansara Perdana
Shah Alam
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